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Remember the saying “out with the old and in with the new”.  This sentiment certainly is true of roses, and the cycle in which variety trends change.

Org Crush Hot Hot Hot

Freedom Hot Hot Hot

Org Unique Not Not

Charlotte Not Not Not

Years ago, the Freedom rose replaced the ever popular Charlotte variety as the “industry standard go to” red rose.

Orange Unique was phased out for it’s bigger, better orange counterparts like Orange Crush.  Simply put, roses are not immune to that cycle of change.

What once was hot, now is not.


Imagine being a rose grower trying to decide what to plant.  So many things to consider.  Growers must think of the market trend, color trend, market demand, the level of production a plant can produce, along with so many other variables.  Sisapamba Rosas & Rosas seems to be getting it right.  They currently grow over 100 varieties of roses and garden roses in their 25 hectare plantation.

Jose Antonio Bueno, the General Manager and Partner of Sisapamba Rosas & Rosas took time to answer some of my questions about the new “IT” rose, Toffee.  With the upcoming wedding season, and the new “tea-stain” trend, Toffee is one of the hottest varieties in demand.  Holly Chappell was recently in Ecuador and gave rave reviews of the rose which in turn creates a real buzz about it.  Jose said that while he does have Toffee plants in the ground, his plants are relatively new and production is currently low.  He believes that his production will improve by the summer months.  Since the Toffee plants are new they need good fertilization and        extra care right now in order to get the large head size and thick stems.  If that part of the process is ignored, the plant produces extremely thin stems and very small heads.

Remember our discussion on hectares?  Jose said that Sisapamba and four other growers in Ecuador share the exclusivity of the Toffee variety.  Between the five farms there is a total of two hectares planted.  That is roughly five acres of Toffee roses planted among five rose farms.  Out of those two hectares planted, Sisapamba has twenty thousand Toffee plants in the ground.  When asked if Sisapamba plans to plant more hectares, Jose said that they will evaluate the market and the production of the plant over the next two years but makes no plans to increase hectares until that time.

Thanks to Jose Antonio Bueno for his time, and the opportunity for us to tell the Sisapamba story.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to read about it.   Thank you to the folks at FlowerBuzz.Org and Online Flower Search for the Toffee Video and Photos Used with Permission in Today’s Post.

Toffee Rose Arrangement was created by Bill Hattel, CFD, AIFD from Amato Wholesale Florist in Denver Colorado.  Thank you Bill.


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