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There is something to be said about getting your hands dirty.  In tending to our own gardens , we delicately plant seeds, or plant cuttings.  We water, feed, and care for these delicate plants in anticipation of the bounty that they will soon produce.  Now imagine those delicate seedlings, and cuttings being produced on a commercial growing scale.  The word “WOW” comes to mind.






As with any commercial business, there must be an element of automation to help make the systems work.  Some might think that when dealing with something as delicate as a rose , that something might be lost in the tender loving care that we give our own gardens.  It is evident, that while every company needs to have some level of automation and technology, Sisapamba does not skimp on the level of personal care that goes into their growing processes.





Many employees at Sisapamba spend their days harvesting each and every bloom by hand from the rich, fertile soil on the plantation.   The plants are handled with the utmost care by people who understand the delicate nature of roses.  They harvest at just the right cut stage, with attention to every detail.  The bounty of the harvest results in a  high quality rose.  A rose that performs to its highest potential, and ensures a lasting level of enjoyment and beauty in homes everywhere.



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