Vendor Spotlight: Three Part Series featuring DESIGN MASTER color tool, inc. May 22nd -May 24th

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I’m a bit of a history buff.  I read historical fiction based on true events.  I watch shows based around true historical fact that add just a bit of entertainment value to make the history more appealing to our senses.

Lets face it, would The Tudors have been so popular a show if Jonathan Rhys Meyers hadn’t played a very young and handsome Henry the 8th?  Would we really have sat through yet another version of Titanic if Leo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet’s onscreen steamy romance had not added extra value to the story?  Probably Not.

Trust me, there is a point to all of this.  My point being that some things can stand a little “extra’ to make their value more appealing.  Everything has a story, a beginning.  It’s how that story is told  that gives it that little “extra”.   DesignMaster Color Tool Inc has been giving that “little extra” to the creative art industry for years.   Their beginning centered around florists.  The idea of paint for flowers was born at a kitchen table in the early 1960’s.  From a simple beginning to a household name in the creative community today.  Known for being the color design resource for the professional florist. DesignMaster’s is a story worth telling.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Bradley Beck, National Sales Manager at DESIGN MASTER color tool, inc.  I asked him a series of questions about the history of Design Master.   Here is what Brad had to say….

“In 1961, Lee Dick and Mark Addison sat around a kitchen table to form the company that is now known as DESIGN MASTER®. Originally called Colorado Dye and Chemical, the young company built a reputation for consistent, clean color that could be sprayed on fresh flowers and still look natural. Their first spray product was called “Floramist” and it was the predecessor to today’s’ COLORTOOL® spray.

Many factors helped create the success that makes Design Master® the best-selling brand of spray color for the creative industries. The hard work by Mark Addison to get DESIGN MASTER® established with wholesale floral distributors was built on strong personal relationships and learning what wholesalers needed to provide their retail customers. Soon, Mark hired professional field representatives to blanket the country and sell DESIGN MASTER® to other wholesale florist distributors.

Back in the early sixties not all colors or varieties of fresh flowers were available year-round. Today’s international markets were not even born and production from a global market did not exist yet. Also, the transportation systems that are around today were not yet established. Overnight freight shipments were expensive and not the norm. When a professional florist took an order for a certain variety of flower and it was in short supply or not available at all, the florist could easily spray the flowers the color they needed with Design Master®. This gave the customer what they wanted. Not much has changed since those early days. Giving the customer what they want is what DESIGN MASTER® is all about. Color. Style. Personal expression.”


Check out this video on basic spraying techniques with Design Master Paints