May Vendor Spotlight: Featuring DESIGN MASTER Today’s Topic: It’s All About Color

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Color is in everything we do as florists.  This industry is visual, and color is integral to the final designs in enhancing a table scape, or  a bride’s bokay.  Design Master is certainly a Master of colors. How do they do it?  What is the method to their madness when choosing a new color for one of their product lines?  What research goes into a decision like that?  How long does it take for an idea to become reality?  My inquiring mind wanted to know, so I asked yet another series of questions of  Bradley Beck, National Sales Manager at DESIGN MASTER color tool, inc.

This is what Brad had to say about that..

“Gretchen Sell, is our Creative Director for DESIGN MASTER®. She works with a variety of people and organizations from many industries. They share, explore and decide what colors and products are best suited for the creative segments we serve. Gretchen and her team are always looking at trends in consumer goods, at culture and world-wide events which influence how color is being used.

For a new product idea or color to become a reality, it really depends on a variety of factors. Some products are line extensions. Others, like our übermatte®, ultra-matte finish, take time to get the right balance of coverage, hue and drying time for a unique finish. We take the time to do R & D right. When the end-user is spraying our products, we want their experience consistent and the results outstanding.”

“We (Design Master) belong to several color organizations that forecast trends based on what they observe in allied and consumer-based industries. Pantone helps define and communicate color for designers and producers. Colors of automobiles or kitchen appliances may not be an appropriate fit for the flower business. Pantone’s color of the year does help define and communicate color for inspiration and often sets a direction for manufactures to follow.”



Design Master Color Tool is so much more than just a can of spray.  There is so much more than that in this company. Design Master cares about the florist.  Their products are created specifically with our industry in mind.  They have adapted to a changing industry over the last fifty years.  The company is continually thinking ahead to anticipate future changes in a global marketplace.  Design Master is a company that we appreciate for their products, their integrity, their forward thinking, and their loyalty to the floral industry.  Thank you to Brad Beck for taking the time to be so gracious with his answers.