May Vendor Spotlight: Featuring DESIGN MASTER Today’s Topic: How It’s Made

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I’ve never been good in science.  And we all know that when it comes to paint there is definitely a science to it.  Well for those of you out there who are not science buffs, breathe a sigh of relief, there will be no science classes today.

Instead we are going to learn about the many DESIGN MASTER products and how they are used in the creative industries, specifically the florists.  The ColorTool line is the most popular line of spray for Design Master because of it’s versatility.  You can Spray Color Tool on many different materials including Styrofoam, wood, metal, glass, ribbon, paper mache, the list goes on and on.

I will go back to my interview with Bradley Beck, National Sales Manager at DESIGN MASTER color tool, inc.  I asked him the question of exactly what the difference is between a can of DM ColorTool and a can of DM Just For Flowers.  They are both able to be used with delicate flowers, so what exactly sets them apart?  Here is what Brad had to say…

“COLORTOOL® is a fast drying, satin finish, semi-transparent, pigmented spray. It provides beautiful color without a thick coat of paint. COLORTOOL® is specially formulated for the demanding use of a professional florist yet convenient and versatile for everyday DIY use. There are over 60 basic, fashion and trend colors in the line.

Just for Flowers® is an easy to use translucent flower dye. Underlying colors show through and the details of blossoms are not covered up. Just for Flowers® changes the color of any flower in an instant with realistic results. It’s the perfect tool to match and coordinate color on all types of flowers while enhancing the lasting quality of fresh flowers. ”

Did you know that while Just For Flowers brand spray is nearly twenty years old, some new to the floral industry still don’t know about it’s awesomeness?

Take a peek at this video to see how DM Brand sprays can give that little extra to your creative designs.

Aside from the ColorTool and Just For Flowers lines, DM has created some other specialty use sprays with the florist in mind.  Primer and Mess Master sprays.  Sprays for protecting fresh flowers.  Tack Glues for quick adhesion of labels, and anything else a creative mind can think of.  Clear finishing sprays to give your projects a shiny finish, great for hardgoods.  And the glitter sprays.  As always DM is keeping up with fresh floral glitter trends in the world of roses and pointsettias.

Design Master Color Tool Inc has earned it’s reputation as an expert in the field of color and as a household name among florists and those in the creative industries.  Well Done Design Master!