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Veterans Honoring Their Fallen Brothers and Sisters with Floral Tributes


Today is Veteran’s Day.  I did not have the opportunity to serve my country, however many people in my circle of friends and family have, all branches represented by someone near and dear to me.  While I have always been proud of our service men and women, and especially of those close to me, this year I look on Veteran’s day with an even deeper appreciation of the sacrifices that these brave Men and Women give to us daily.

Over the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to work the logistics with the folks at The Memorial Day Flowers Fund, a fund that tries to place a floral tribute on every Veteran’s grave around the country.  “A Flower On Every Grave” initiative here in Colorado is made up of many retired service men and women who make it their mission to honor those who have  gone before us.  These people also commit to  volunteering their time to help bring light to the sacrifices that are made daily by our service men and women, as well as the hardships some of them face when they  return come home again.

2018 Volunteers to Place A Flower On Every Grave At Ft Logan Cemetary

We are in the business that “Says It With Flowers”.  This program is the proof to just how powerful that statement really is.  With a flower on every grave, these Veterans are being remembered with floral sentiments of thanks, love, gratitude, respect, and unspoken words that bind only those who serve or have served.

A few months ago, Amato’s ran a Butterbraid fundraiser to raise money for the fund, to help them make their goal of placing 10,000 stems at  Ft Logan Cemetery in Denver on Memorial Day 2020.  I’m proud to say that we raised  some money for them, and next year we hope to raise even more.  We could not have done it without the support of our customers, family, and friends.


While we take a moment to thank a Vet today, I also want to recognize and say Thank You to these customers and friends who helped Amato’s raise funds with Butterbraid Pastries to support a cause that will honor many veterans.

Thank you Fritz Brueggeman with Leigh Floral

Thank You  George Sapp with Rowes Floral

Thank you Clint Hartley with Rowes Floral

Thank you Cindy Gilbert with Flowers By Bloom

Thank You Claire Smagala with Skyway Creations

Thank you Karen Koski with Amato’s

Thank you Charlotte and Larry Weickum


A special shoutout to Marty Daughetee, Nick Aragon, and Fred Michel  

Veterans working at Amato Wholesale Florist.


Colonel Mikel Burroghs (Ret) Local Organizer for Flower On Every Grave Initiative at Ft Logan

To learn more about the Memorial Day Fund and the Flower On Every Grave Initiative you can go to these links for more information


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