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Dear Customer,
The floral industry is now a global industry. COVID-19 is now being considered a “pandemic”. Travel bans are being imposed on incoming flights from Europe, we feel it necessary to keep you updated on how these measures may affect our industry, Amato Wholesale, and our customers.

We have all heard of the cancellations of many large festivals and events across the country in the last few days. On a daily basis we are hearing about smaller events being suspended. It’s clear that smaller public gatherings are also going to be curtailed in the upcoming days, weeks, even months depending on how quickly the spread of COVID-19 can be successfully managed and contained.

Colorado’s beauty entices many people from around the world. We encourage all of our customers to have an upfront discussion regarding your deposit and cancellation policies with your wedding and event clients. This season is an important part to all of our businesses and nobody can afford to lose revenue during this time for any reason. We are already seeing cancellations of events.

Moving forward, Amato’s policy on cancellations on any and all pre booked orders, including standing orders is as follows:

1. We will accept cancellations without penalty ONLY if request be received in writing (via email) fourteen(14) days before the scheduled shipping date. Any Cancellations made after that window of time, Amato’s will expect payment in full for the product ordered.

2. We reserve the right to ask for deposits on large event orders if deemed necessary. Any deposits collected on an event that is cancelled will be returned if notice of the cancellation is received in writing (via email) fourteen (14) days in before the scheduled shipping date as our policy above outlines.

We have a deep commitment to our customers and our employees. We want everyone to be safe and healthy. Our goal is to provide as much information as we possibly can regarding circumstances that will impact all of our businesses.

As we learn more, we will always pass that information along to the best of our ability. Please continue to check you inbox for update emails and our website at for the latest information.


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