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Thank You

Thank you to our customers who support us through good and bad and to those who have reached out to make sure we are okay

Thank you to our customers for the orders they have been able to place during this difficult time, we appreciate those orders so very much.    The relationships we create with our customers are extremely important to us.

Thank you for being patient as we navigate these uncharted waters, with changes to our hours, staffing days, and everything in between, sometimes with very little to know advance notice.

Our lives and livelihoods have been affected by this pandemic. The last month has been a difficult one for many, and the weeks ahead are still unknown. The uncertainty of it all has so many of us wondering “What’s Next?” “What Now?” “What Happens When This is Over?” and the answers are few and far between.

One thing we can be certain of:
We will get through this together. Our industry is a strong one.
We work in an industry that embraces emotions with flowers.
Flowers celebrate and commemorate life’s big and small moments.
They honor and pay tribute to our loved ones.
Flowers are a gesture to Say, “We may be far apart, but we are in this together.”

Let’s face it, when people need to express something we help them say it with flowers and, by doing so, we touch someone’s heart.

Thank You For Being A Part Of Our Amato Family

Our Customers Are The Reason We Are Here

 Our Customers Are the Inspiration and Motivation We Call Upon Each Day As We Navigate The Effects of This Pandemic On Our Lives and Our Industry.

We Could Not Do It Without You.

Thank You So Much!



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