Kitties and Lillies Do Not Play Well Together

Heather WeickumCustomer’s Corner, Plants


Hello , I am Whipper.  Did you know that Easter Lillies are poisonous to me and my fellow felines?  If I accidentally were to ingest any portion of the plant, it’s toxicity could cause serious health problems for me.  Including renal failure or even possible death.  Signs that would show if I, or one of my feline friends were to have ingested the toxins of an Easter Lilly could include vomiting, a loss of appetite, lethargy, and the kidneys could begin to shut down.  If us kitties, start to show any of those signs, please get us to the vet right away.

According to the ASPCA, Cats are the only species affected by the toxins in Easter Lillies.  The toxin origin that causes such problems for us felines is unknown at this time. Easter Lillies are not toxic to our canine pals.  For more information on plant varieties that are toxic Cats and Dogs, you can go to the ASPCA website at

With Easter coming up soon, please educate your customers about the toxins in Easter Lillies, and their effects on Cats that ingest them.   Place a sign in your Easter Lilly display, or create and keep an informational tag. Stamp it with your logo. Keep it on your front counter and give one out with every Easter Lilly plant sold.  Be the expert for your customer.  Give them the information they need to help them know to keep their curious, furry , feline friends far, far away from an Easter Lilly.



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