In general, the market conditions fluctuate frequently.  As a result, we do publish a basic pricelist on a weekly basis that serves as a pricing guideline for that time period.  Please contact your Amato Wholesale Florist representative for any specific items and pricing you might need.   If you don’t currently have an active account, you can visit our website at  to acquire the proper paperwork necessary to open an account.   Once we have received your application we will review it and contact you once your account has been accepted.
We will ship to our current customers, and also customers who have applied for an account with Amato Wholesale Florist.  We use a range of local third party Floral Cargo carriers, as well as UPS and FEDEX.   If you have a one- time only shipping need outside of the state of Colorado, we would suggest using a local vendor in your area.
Our warehouse is open Monday through Thursday 7:00am to 3:30pm ; Friday from 7:00am to 2:00pm; and Saturday 7:00am to 11:00am (no deliveries on Saturday);  Our warehouse is closed on Sunday.
We are always looking for fun, enthusiastic, vibrant individuals with passion and a drive for success in all of our departments.  Please visit our website at to find an application.  If you have a resume in hand, you can send that information via email to  We are always happy to see new people wanting to join our industry.
We are always looking for fun, enthusiastic, vibrant individuals with passion and a drive for success in all of our departments.  Please visit our website at to find an application.  If you have a resume in hand, you can send that information via email to  We are always happy to see new people wanting to join our industry.
Yes, we do deliver.  We currently run into the Denver Metro Area at least one time per day.  We run into Cheyenne and Laramie two times per week.  We go into Colorado Springs and Pueblo three times per week.  We also run three overnight runs into Aspen three times per week, Grand Junction and Western Kansas one time per week, Northeastern Colorado two times per week, and Nebraska two times per week.  We also do ship to our regular customers outside of these areas.  Please see “Do You Ship” question above.
While Fresh Cuts are our mainstay, and our specialty, we also offer a full range of floral supplies, plants, bouquets, and dishgardens.
We have been in business since 1974.  We started as a Colorado Carnation wholesale house with a staff of four.  Since then we have evolved into a full-service wholesale house offering fresh cut flowers from all over the world.  Not to mention, a full-service supply department that is second to none in our market, a blossoming plant department, and so much more.  At Amato’s we are one in a million, not like a million others.
Absolutely yes we do.  We offer specials and discounts on fresh cut products weekly.  We also offer a “Mega Mini” promotion each month that are small box quantities that you, the customer get to pick and choose from for each week in that month.  Take as many or as few as you like and watch the savings on your bottom line.
Our Flower Gallery is your best guide to finding just the right shade for your event.  Because color is so subjective, and in the eye of the beholder, we recommend that you take a look at the flower gallery to find the shade that is right for you.
We are a wholesale florist. As such, we require a retail sales license in a floral related industry to purchase from our warehouse.
We created some great Care and Handling tips on our website at
No, we do our best to protect the integrity of our floral customers.  Therefore, we do not sell to customers who are not in a floral business, or in a floral related industry.
As a Wholesale Florist, we do not arrange and deliver in this manner.  We can, however, recommend some wonderful retail florists that would be more than happy to take care of your needs.  For a retail florist referral, please contact
No, at this time we only sell our products within the United States of America.
We would love to hear from you.  Please send your resume including the product you offer, your history, and a variety list, along with anything else to introduce yourself.  You can email that information to
Our Flower Gallery is an innovative tool that allows our customers to see the newest varieties out there. Sometimes you will see varieties with a description of “New”. Many times that can mean that a variety is just breaking into the market, meaning that there is little to no production in saleable quantities. It might also mean that a breeder is showcasing new and upcoming varieties that will be sold to farms for production. In cases like this, those varieties may not even be planted yet. Our goal is to keep our customers up to date with the latest and newest varieties to hit the marketplace.
This area of our site is brand new to us. We are still experimenting with it to determine what makes it both effective and efficient for our customers. To protect the integrity of our retail florists, we do not allow anonymous checkout, nor do we allow an account to be created on our site. All current customers will need to obtain a user login, to apply for it, please see our website at You will be contacted with login information as soon as it has been created for you. This process should not take longer than 48 hours.
Yes we can, however, we strongly recommend a second choice. Combo is a variety of rose grown by only a few growers in the world. That vendor does not have enough production to meet the demand for this particular rose. While we will do our very best to get this variety for you, we would strongly recommend a second choice, just in case the farm cannot honor our request.
Yes, we do!
New and existing customers who give us valid email addresses will be added to our mailing lists.  These lists will allow customers to see our weekly pricelists, special offers, and general information.
Our warehouse is located at the following address:
6601 Downing Street, Denver, CO 80229
We accept all major credit cards, cash, and business checks. Returned checks are subject to a fee of $35.00 per returned check.
Yes, we charge Sales Tax on all accounts until the proper state Sales Tax license has been received in our offices. When the Colorado Sales Tax license has been received, Sales Tax will no longer be charged on the account.
Please note, that a Sales Tax license differs from a Federal EIN number. In order to process and open an account, we need a copy of both licenses.
Yes, in fact, we encourage pre-book orders.  Please check with your salesperson when you place your order.  For new customers, we may request payment up front prior to accepting the order, but we are here to serve you to make sure all of your needs are met to your satisfaction.
We recommend a two to three week window prior to the day you would like to ship from our warehouses.  That allows our growers adequate time to harvest the product and ship it to us. Late orders can most likely still be sourced, but if overnight transportation methods need to be used, we may need to offset these additional expenses to our customers.
While we encourage advance notice for special orders, sometimes product simply cannot be sourced. While it is rare, sometimes weather conditions or conditions beyond our control make sourcing product difficult. While we may pre-book product ourselves, sometimes our pre-books get cut too because the farms simply don’t have enough production to fill our orders. Even though we always do our best to be proactive and source product in high demand during certain seasons, we cannot control the way the farms fill those orders.
For Fresh Cuts and Plants:

Amato’s has a 24 hour window for credits. We ask that within 24 hours of receipt of your product, that you please email with the information regarding your credit. We will be happy to pick up any sub quality product and issue credit to you for all returned product within that time frame, or such time frame established between an Amato representative and our customer.

For Hardgoods:

Hardgood returns will only be honored up to 60 days after purchase.  Amato’s reserves the right to impose a 15% restocking fee on all returned Hardgoods. Seasonal/Holiday hardgood sales are final and cannot be returned after said season/holiday.